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Jaunā Teika is a striking, smart area next to Riga’s main core – Brīvības street. Built in a historically legendary area, its where the industrial and creative area of VEF meets the refinement of Teika. Jaunā Teika is specifically designed to be a dynamic urban environment, bringing together excellent business spaces, apartment buildings and recreation areas. The area’s contemporary nature lies in its unique ability to balance living and working spaces offering the best resources for the well-being and development of both those who work here as well live here.

Jaunā Teika continues local traditions by building on the local skills of uniting business and culture with a supportive lifestyle environment. Everything that is created here goes to support the dreams and goals of its community. Here you live and create.

Jaunā Teika's location is ideal for people to whom proximity to the city center and availability of a dynamic neighborhood is of high importance. Situated in the very dynamic part of the city, Jaunā Teika, experiencing the revival of the district with shopping centers, banks, state institutions, a new cultural center, restaurants and cafés.