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This is the environment where you will find everything that matters within your reach. Life at Jaunā Teika is a story of how you lead your days, of what inspires you, of how you relax and where you are together with your loved ones. Your personal space, which has been created considering exactly your needs.

Residential buildings of Jaunā Teika are high-quality, long-term housing spaces that meet the criteria of a smart and modern building. All apartments at Jaunā Teika are handed over to their new owners ready for living.

The layout of apartment has been carefully considered in order to maximise the elimination of unused space. A place for all furniture and appliances has been provided in the layout, in order to create a functional and comfortable environment.

An interior designer has prepared recommendations for each apartment based on an ergonomic use of space. In order to support local producers, we have chosen the best quality and design furniture and interior items produced in Latvia and offer this selection to new residents.

Sustainable, durable and highest-quality design materials have been used in the finishes. Each detail has been carefully chosen and considered. We choose reliable manufacturers who have proven the quality of their products, and technologically developed companies that offer self-proven innovations.

We consider safety at Jaunā Teika on several levels. First, the building walls, doors and window systems provide optimum protection against burglary of the house and apartments. Second, materials of the highest fire safety have been used in the construction of the building. Third, the construction materials used are harmless to your health.

For peace of mind the territory of Jaunā Teika is monitored by security guards 24/7 and video surveillance is carried out in order for residents to feel safe and comfortable about their home, property and children at any time of the day.

Building exterior walls are constructed from the newest generation aerated concrete blocks produced by the local company AEROC. Our heat insulation coefficient exceeds the set construction standards by 12%. Material is lightweight, durable and breathable, and it is ecologically clean, environmentally friendly and harmless to your health. PVC six-chamber technology has been chosen for windows and balcony doors with a construction building depth of 83 mm, which provides a thermal insulation coefficient Ui = 0.92 W/m2K.

Simply put, the level of comfort and quality of life at Jaunā Teika is higher, but the cost of living is significantly lower.

The fixed management fee at Jaunā Teika is 0.55 EUR/m2, which is applied only for indoor space. The owner of each space regulates his or her power, heating and water consumption with individual meters, thus paying only for actual consumption. By introducing the Smart Home service in your premises, it is possible to reduce heating energy consumption by a further 30% and to follow the consumption online from anywhere in the world.



1. Choose the apartment

You are welcome at any time that is convenient for you for a cup of delicious coffee or tea at the clients’ room of Jaunā Teika. Our friendly salespersons will show and tell you everything you need to know about the area and living in it, as well as about the future building and apartments. Salespersons will also introduce you to significant practical things – the technical descriptions of the building and apartments and the planned construction terms.

You will be able to see the new apartments in a virtual tour, making sure of the successful design solutions and the convenient planning. If you manage to choose a suitable apartment right away, the salesperson will reserve it for you for a few days.

2. Sign the Letter of Intent

Once you have selected your favourite apartment, we will coordinate the purchase agreement sample and you can sign a Purchase Letter of Intent.

For new families and young professionals – clients of the Altum program – the Letter of Intent purchase amount will be 5 to 10 percent of the purchase price. If the Altum program is not used, the Letter of Intent purchase amount will be 15 percent of the purchase price.

We devote special attention to every resident of Jaunā Teika, therefore we can also agree on individual purchase conditions for each apartment, taking into consideration the particular situation.

3. Start to consider the apartment design

While your apartment is still under construction is the right time to consider the best interior solutions. You may choose any of the suggestions from our interior designers or develop your own.

While you are dreaming and planning your new life, we will work diligently so that you can move into your new apartment as soon as possible.

When the building is completed, taking care of the safety of its residents and subject to the Law of the Republic of Latvia, we will provide the necessary documentation for all the involved state and municipal institutions – the Construction Board, the State Land Service and the Land Register. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the process pace at state institutions, but with the help of our long-term experience in this field and taking care of your well-being, we will do everything in our power to speed up the process, when possible.

4. Sign the agreement

When the building is commissioned for use, the salesperson will contact you. We plan to commission the building at 14 B Ropažu street for use at the end of 2018 and the building at 14 B Ropažu street at the end of 2019.

We will organise all the time-consuming and bureaucratic processes for you – we will agree with the notary on the signing of the agreement, we will submit and receive documents from the Land Register. For the agreement to become valid, we will require the remaining part of the payment from you.

5. Start a beautiful life at Jaunā Teika!

As soon as all the documents are prepared, we will hand over the keys of the new apartment to you along with a two year guarantee of the quality of the new apartment.